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Renovation and Refurbishment Project: Enhancing Your Space


Renovation and Refurbishment Project: Enhancing Your Space

We can do refurbishment projects, such as bottle Neck modification, preform mold modification, bottle shape design modification, etc.

    Product Selling Point Introduction

    We offer refurbishment services for injection molds, blow molds, and closure molds, including cleaning, repair, and optimization. With our expertise, we restore old molds to efficient production states, saving costs, enhancing productivity, and extending mold lifespan. Our services provide customers with greater value and long-term benefits.
    1. BJY has a professional design team.
    2. BJY has extensive experience and database.
    3. BJY can help you with repair old parts.
    4. BJY can help you save the Money.

    Parameter Characteristics Of The Product

    Available Machine Brand Injection machines like Husky,KM,NETSTAL, Sipa, HUAYAN etc and blowing machinese like Sidel, Krones, KHS, TECH-LONG, NEWAMSTAR, etc.
    Material  As Orignal
    Life-time  10 million cycle times

    Refurbishment Project as bellowing show

    1. Refurbishment project for Bottle Neck change1.refurbishment project for Bottle Neck change
    2. Refurbishment project for cold-half mold modification
    3 .Refurbishment project for hot runner modification.
    4. Refurbishment project for preform weight change.
    5. Refurbishment project for bottle shape design change, etc.

    Adaptations is Applied to

    Blowing Machine Adaptation / Bottle Infeed, Preform Outfeed Wheel, Guide Rail / Shell for Mould / Stretching Rod / Cooling Plate / Preform Infeed Guide Rall, Bottle Outfeed Guide Rail / Injection Mould Accessories /  Filling Accessories / Compression Closure Mould Accessories / Injection Closure Mould Accessories / Labelling Drum Accessories / Guide Pin Trapping Label Machine / etc.

    For example: SBO8 28mm to 38mm changing parts

    Change list: Spindle, Ejector, Blow Nozzle, Preform Gripper, Bottle Gripper, Preform Infeed Starwheel, Preform Infeed Guide, Preform Diverting Pedestal, Bottle Outfeed Guide, Preform Outfeed Guide, Preform Transit Guide, Preform Transit Starwheel.


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