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Spare Parts for Rotary Blowing Machine


Spare Parts for Rotary Blowing Machine

In order to meet the needs of customers, BJY provides professional personalized adaptation engineering services. Adopt replacing component or modify existing apart to realize the conversion project. Rotary bottle-blowing machine spare parts are suitable for various brands of bottle-blowing machines. We can produce according to the brand's product part number, sample, or drawing.

    Product Selling Point Introduction

    1. BJY provides personalized parts of bottle blowing machine.
    2. BJY conversion of different neck finish, change bottle volume, preform weight.
    3. BJY optimization of the shape and performance of bottle.
    BJY conversion parts used by the same bottle mold in different bottle blowing
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    Spare Parts for Blowing Machine-shock absorbers1cq3
    Spare Parts for Blowing Machine-rinser gripper16fd

    Parameter Characteristics Of The Product

    Parametric characteristics of the spare parts for Rotary Blowing Machine
    Equipment  Rotary Blowing Machine (Rotary blow molder)
    Available Machine Brand  SIDLE, KRONES, SIPA, KHS, SACMI, TECH-LONG, NEWAMSTAR, etc.
    Material  As the original
    Life-time  1 year
    Components  Mold Locking Axis, Blow Nozzle, Stretch Rod, Bottle Indeed Accessories, Bottle Gripper, Preform Gripper, oven etc.

    Popular Science Product Knowledge

    Why need replace parts?

    Equipment has a life cycle, but in order to reduce costs, designers will independently design vulnerable parts so that they can be replaced when damaged. Our replacement parts have a more optimized design based on the original design, making them last longer and more durable. And easier to replace. The most importance is our replace parts are long life.
    What is rotary blowing machine?
    Rotary blow molding machines are fully automatic equipment for production of PET bottles. Equipment of a standard rotary blow molding machine: Rotating unit with 6, 8, 12, 14, 24, etc. single-cavity molds. Some special used double-cavities mold.


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