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PET Liquid Package

PET Liquid Package

PET Injection Molduep

PET Injection Mold

  • The injection mold consists of two parts, one is the hot runner and the other is the cold half mold. It is loaded onto an injection device,and then passed through a blow molding system to create a container for edible or non-edible liquids. (Includes water, soft drinks, milk, alcohol, oils, detergents, personal care products)
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PET Blowing Mold6

PET Blowing Mold

  • The PET bottle blow moulding process works by reheating a pre-moulded PET preform which is then automatically positioned into a mould. High pressure food grade compressed air is then injected into the preform which expands to form the shape of the mould.
    Application:Water, CSD, HR, Aseptic, Edible oil and other liquid packaging
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Mold Shell - 1

Mold Shell

  • The mold shell also call backplate, is the most important part of the rotary PET bottle blowing mold. Has a rapid cooling effect. 
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Mold Frame2

Mold Frame

  • The mold frame and mold base are important parts of the rotary bottle-blowing machine. The mold frame is like a manipulator, fixed on the equipment, and its claws are used to install the mold holder.
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Closure Moldvi6

Closure Mold

  • The capping mold is divided into pressure capping mold and injection capping mold. except that instead of the molding material being pressurized in the cavity, it is pressurized in a separate chamber, and then forced through an opening, and into a closed mold. Transfer molds usually have multi-cavities.
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